The Harpsichord


In 1986, harpsichord builder, Paul Irvin, built a two manual harpsichord for NCC. 
The specifications are:  GG-D" 56 notes, transposing. 8',8', 4' buff and shove coupler.


From the builder:
The Paul Irvin harpsichord is a copy of the 1749 Goujon in almost every design aspect except decoration. The original is now housed in the Cite de la Musique in Paris. The keys were widened and lengthened somewhat from the original in order to be more comfortable for the modern hand, accustomed to modern pianos and organs. The Irvin harpsichord has a case of solid mahogany stained walnut to match closer to the wood of the sanctuary, which is walnut and bleached oak.


The soundboard is Western Red Cedar with walnut bridges. The natural keys are topped with East Indian Rosewood and the accidentals tops are solid maple. It has two sets of 8' strings and one set at 4' pitch of soft steel and brass wire, and modern plastic Bolton jacks