NCC Annual Contributions to the

United Church of Christ


Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM)

In the national setting of the United Church of Christ there are four Covenanted Ministry Partners:

  • The Office of General Ministries

  • Local Church Ministries

  • Wider Church Ministries

  • Justice and Witness Ministries


Our NCC financial support of OCWM is one of only two annual standing commitments arising out of our membership in the UCC denomination and NCC gains many services from OCWM. One OCWM tagline especially expresses its purpose: “Changing Lives – that’s Our Church’s Wider Mission.”


Chicago, United and Eden Seminaries (CUE)

The CUE Seminaries comprise the second of our two NCC annual standing commitments. These seminaries provide a vital ministry in the United Church of Christ by training and equipping leaders for ministry with individuals, congregations, and the wider world. Each seminary strengthens the life of the church by enlivening critical reflection on faith, and supporting bold Christian discipleship. Each school is a vibrant, caring and challenging place in which to pursue theological education. Our CUE Seminaries strengthen our churches by providing lay theological education programs and continuing education for the leaders in our churches. The seminaries bring greater vitality to our churches – in worship, in Christian education for all ages, and in providing meaningful justice and outreach ministries.