Northfield Community Church

The United Church of Christ

Organist/Choir Director Position Description

To make God’s Kingdom known: here, there and everywhere”


Primary responsibility: 

Lead and coordinate the ministry of music at Northfield Community Church in keeping with NCC’s stated vision and mission. Serve as the Organist and Sanctuary Choir Director at the Sunday morning Spirited Traditional Service and at other worship services during the church year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent and special occasions in the congregation’s life.


Reports directly to:   The Sr. Minister


Relates to:  The Sr. Minister, Staff, Music Committee and Congregation


Weekly Time Commitment:  15-20 hours per week



  1. Work in close consultation with the Sr. Minister, staff and Music Committee.

  2. Meet, in person and/or via videoconferencing, 2-3 times per month with the Sr. Minister to coordinate worship and musical offerings.

  3. Attend monthly in-person staff meetings.

  4. Attend quarterly Music Committee meetings and direct the committee’s work.

  5. Direct music for the traditional worship services. These include regular Sunday morning services as well as Thanksgiving Day, an Advent vesper service, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday and Holy Week services.

  6. Where opportunities arise, work collaboratively with the contemporary service musicians for special Sundays or other occasional events.

  7. Where opportunities arise, work collaboratively with the Children’s Ministry leaders. 

  8. Plan and order choral and instrumental music for the Sanctuary Choir and Handbell Choir.

  9. Direct the Sanctuary and Handbell Choirs

  10. Rehearse and prepare choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists. The Sanctuary Choir normally rehearses on Sunday mornings and one night each week for 60 minutes. The Handbell Choir plays 6-8 times per year and rehearses for 60 minutes the week before playing.

  11. Audition, hire, supervise and direct the paid sections leaders for the Spirited Traditional Worship Service.

  12. Arrange for soloists, ensembles, instrumentalists and guest  Musicians as appropriate for the liturgical season and throughout the year.

  13. Provide for, and oversee, the maintenance and care of the sanctuary and chapel pipe organs, the sanctuary harpsichord, the hand bells, timpani and choir room and sanctuary pianos.

  14. Direct the work of the Music Librarian

  15. Serve as organist/pianist at Sanctuary choir rehearsals and worship services.

  16.  As time permits, assist the Music Committee as it promotes and/or provides musical experiences. These may include, but arevnot limited to recitals, special concerts and choir presentations.

  17. Attend professional events for program and personal development.

  18. Provide articles for the church website and newsletter as well as music information for the weekly worship bulletins.

  19. On a stipend basis, serve as organist and/or pianist at weddings and funerals as available. If unavailable, arrange for a substitute. Fees for weddings and funerals are set by the Director of Music and Organist.

  20. Serve as the primary resource for music ministry at Northfield Community Church.



Teaching private lessons in organ, piano, voice or other instruments in the church facilities is at the discretion of the Director of Music and Organist and is encouraged and supported by the congregation.

Benefits and Resources:

PTO/Vacation: The Director of Music and Organist receives four weeks of paid vacation annually, including four complete weeks of weekday and weekend responsibilities, after providing adequate notice to the Sr. Minister. It is assumed that paid time off will be scheduled given appropriate consideration to the church calendar. The Director of Music and Organist will schedule substitutes for the weeks away.

Professional Development:

The Director of Music and Organist receives one complete week of leave for continuing education, including one Sunday, after providing adequate notice to the Sr. Minister. It is assumed that continuing education time will be scheduled given appropriate consideration to the church calendar. $500 per year is set aside for professional development/continuing education.

Administrative Assistance:

In addition to the Music Librarian, the Church Administrator is available to assist with email correspondence, ordering materials and other administrative tasks.

An annual budget is provided to pay for purchasing sheet music, hiring singers and instrumentalists and maintaining the church instruments.

Good Faith Relationships:

NCC recognizes that ministry in the local church is both rewarding and demanding. The staff team, Personnel Committee and Council are committed to keeping open channels of communication and to speaking the truth with love in order that we might build up the body of Christ. This requires relationships of trust and mutual respect. Such relationships depend on staff and laity being principle-centered and being dedicated to a Christ’s ministry of reconciliation, healing, love and justice. It also requires that every leader – pastor and lay - support and strive to fulfill the vision of the church to be “an oasis of grace” where the gospel is discerned, celebrated and lived in our individual and common life.


In resolving any disagreements that may arise in the course of our common life, NCC staff and church members have agreed to abide by the document “Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love” as approved by the Church Council and congregation, employing the “Matthew 18 Principle.”


Northfield Community Church is an “Open and Affirming” congregation in the United Church of Christ. NCC is committed to being an inclusive community within the progressive Christian tradition.

Employee’s Acknowledgment and Acceptance:

This position description seeks to provide clarity and focus to the general role. It is not intended as - nor can it be - an all-inclusive list of every task that may emerge during the course of work, nor is it a static document. Nothing in this position description restricts the church’s prerogative to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. In these times of great change, ministry takes many forms and goes in many directions. All staff in the parish must be prepared to shift their focus as the needs of the parish and ministry change.


The successful candidate will be asked to sign this document, as follows:


I have read and understand this job description and I understand the Director of Music and Organist is an employee-at-will. I understand this position description is not intended to create any guarantee of employment for any particular length of time.