Music is as vital to the life and nurture of this congregation as water is essential to growth and life in nature.


From spirited traditional to contemporary worship and praise, NCC enjoys inspired and inspiring music every Sunday. It is often in music that the congregation expresses what is closest to its heart, what shapes its life. As a verse in one of our songs affirms:

         Like springs in the desert, then we can be water,
          in parched lands and places, and blossom in deed.

Whether music is presented by gifted singers, choirs, instrumentalists, pipe organ, guitars, or the entire congregation together, there is a transcendent and spiritual quality that embues our worship with emotion, energy and hope.

In recent years several young persons from NCC have gone on to careers in music. The church has been a nurturing force within their lives.

In addition to music at worship there are concerts, recitals, coffee house events, jam sessions and similar occasions where the making resounds throughout the building. These events are normally listed on this website and advertised in the wider community.