2019-2020 Confirmation Academy

Confirmation Academy is a list of course work and activities to be completed in whatever timeframe and sequence the student wishes to complete them. It is laid out with a two year program in mind, but confirmation students can work at a pace comfortable to them.


Content: Since confirmation is about “joining the church”, content is divided into different aspects of the church: Christian Identity, This Congregation, and Personal Faith Walk.


In order to be confirmed:


-All fourteen class sessions (Christian Identity – 10 classes, This Congregation – 2 classes, Personal Faith Walk – 2 classes) are to be completed by the given two options:


1) Self-directed classes: folders of class material with instructions will be provided upon request. Parents will need to work with students to complete and check class materials.


2 ) Confirmation Classes taught by Senior Pastor and/or Pastoral Associate by:


        a) Confirmation classes- Sunday evenings 6:00 – 7:30 p.m., led by Senior Pastor and/or Pastoral Associate for Family and Educational Ministries. (Students must be present for the entire class period.) – Snacks provided. See schedule on class page.


        b) If necessary – evening or weekend make-up classes scheduled with the Senior Pastor and/or Pastoral Associate.


- Thirty Confirmation Activities (Christian Identity – 25 activities, This Congregation – 2 activities, Personal Faith Walk – 3 activities) must be complete following the listed guidelines. See list and directions on activities page.


- Complete and present to the congregation a Faith Sharing Project – can be written, powerpoint, photographs, website, video, short drama, board game, art project, etc. (be creative) communicating the confirmand’s faith journey through the confirmation process and beyond confirmation. Confirmation student will work at least twice with Senior Pastor or Pastoral Associate for project approval and assistance.



To contact Ronda Bower: email- rbower@northfielducc.org, call or text – 312-520-6318, or church office – 847-446-3070