Deacons Coffee Service Procedure

Coffee Set-Up  (Prior to 8:30/9:00 and 10:30 services by Deacons)

Remove (1) regular and (1) decaf ground coffee packet from freezer in Pantry.

Place paper filter (located in kitchen cabinet) and regular coffee into removable tray.

Place Thermal Server with black cap on top in position. Make sure dispenser is in the closed position.

Turn power on and press the start button.

Do not add any water as it is connected to water supply.

After about 15 minutes the green “ready” light goes on signaling that coffee is brewed and it is ready to brew another batch.

Remove Thermal Server and repeat above steps using decaf packet and Thermal Server with orange cap on top.

Place (24) “Starbucks” cups, lids, Java sleeves, stir sticks (all located in Pantry if not in cabinets in kitchen), napkins, and sugar on serving cart.

Place creamers (located in kitchen refrigerator) in bowl/basket then on serving cart.

Place pitcher(s) of apple juice or lemonade and paper/plastic cups on a separate cart. You may need to make lemonade. Pitchers and lemonade are found under the counter right of the sink.

Place basket with paper napkin for trash on cart.

Place tea packets in glass server on cart. Fill a carafe with hot water if tea is wanted.



Roll the cart out to the Narthex or Garden Room (careful the wood top is not attached)

Each Thermal Server serves about 12 cups.

Switch dispenser to the open position.

Place cup under dispenser.

Push down on dispenser tab.

You will most likely have to brew another pot of regular/decaf.