Deacons 9:30 Sunday Morning Usher Duties

Prior To Service

  • Arrive about 20 minutes before the service.
  • Obtain bulletins and attendance card from the office.
  • Put fresh flowers on the altar (located in kitchen).
  • Light the candles.
  • Place the chalice on the altar. The chalice is kept in a cloth bag in one of the coves on the side of the altar.
  • Prepare the coffee (see separate directions) and wheel it into the Garden Room. Watch out for the bumps as the top is not attached.
  • Take a cold drink pitcher from the refrigerator and put it in the Garden Room with some cups. You probably will need to make lemonade
  • Check to see if there are glasses of water for the minister and worship leader
  • Greet the worshipers and hand out the bulletins.
  • Pay special attention to those who might have questions about the facilities, coat racks, wash rooms, childcare, Sunday school, etc.

During The Service

  • Complete the attendance card.
  • Have an offertory prayer prepared (check with minister to see if this is necessary or if you would prefer he/she to give the prayer).
  • Sample prayers are in the parlor located in the back with collection plates.
  • Take the offering, come to the front, and give the prayer.
  • Place the offering and attendance card in the bank bag located in the table drawer outside the chapel and put it in the appropriate secure location.

After The Service

  • Greet visitors and invite them to stay for coffee and fellowship.
  • Extinguish the candles.
  • Put the chalice away.
  • Pick up bulletins, papers and other things left in the pews. Replace hymnals in their pew rack.
  • Return flowers to kitchen or to the Sanctuary for the 10:30 service.
  • Take extra bulletins, etc. to the office.